A Lifetime of Musical Education and Expression

At the age of fourteen Andrea knew he was destined to follow in the musical footsteps of his father, distinguished composer and conductor Ennio Morricone.  His musical studies formally began when he attended the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in his hometown of Rome, Italy, graduating with a diploma in Compostion in 1994.  Continuing his education at the Conservatory, Andrea earned in 1996 a Master's Degree in Orchestral Conducting while studying under Maestro Bruno Aprea. With a determination to further advance his musical knowledge and skills, Andrea elected to spend the next two years at the National Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome, one of the oldest and most highly regarded musical institutions in the world, founded in 1585 and named in honor of the patron saint of music.  There, in 1998, he earned a Master's Degree in Compositon under the mentorship of Franco Donatoni and Azio Corghi.  Andrea also studied under musical greats Ada Gentile, Irma Ravinale and Ivan Fedele. Certainly each of these extraordinary individuals played a role in shaping the musical life of the young composer and conductor.  As a matter of fact, Andrea has much to say about each of them, in particular his iconic father Ennio.

Of course I have an immense, profound respect for my father as a legendary composer. Since childhood I have thought that my music would be a continuation of the musical torch ingnited and carried by my father. In many ways now it seems that I am running forward with his musical ideas and at the same time forging new musical frontiers through innovation, creating the music of the future. I have learned much from him for which I am deeply grateful. And, I have over the years developed my own style that is quite revolutionary, sometimes bending the rules, yet at the core is my classical heritage.
— Andrea Morricone

21st Century Maestro

Perhaps it can be said that Andrea is evolving a new definition of "maestro" for the 21st century. After all,  it is rather rare that a classical composer and conductor can reach across multiple genres, from classical to rock, with as much brilliance, ease and ingenuity as he does.  As a prolific, masterful composer his repertoire is vast, varied and formidable - qualities prized and sought after by studios. Each stunning piece reflects a mastery of principles and techniques and exhibits a refreshing flair for originality.  His repertoire includes extensive works for a variety of Chamber & Orchestral ensembles including choir, orchestra and soloists. His evolution and maturity as a classical composer can be seen in his many arrangements for String Orchestra, Orchestra & Choir, Piano & String Orchestra, Trumpet & Orchestra, Concertos, Quartets, Piano solos, duets and trios. 

In the recently penned insightful short essay, "Nuova Definizione Della Mia Musica" (New Description of My Music), Andrea refers to his music as being quintessentially cinematic, big themes for the big screen . . . a Morricone hallmark.  His impressive filmography includes over twenty Italian and international film scores including the "Love Theme" from Cinema Paradiso for which he and his father received the coveted BAFTA award for Best Original Film Score.  Other of his notable film scores include "L'Industriale" (The Entrepreneur) which earned him a Golden Globe in 2012 and A Slum Symphony which was lauded as Best Product Factual at the Rome Fiction Fest in 2010. To read more about Andrea's awards and recognitions, click here.

As a conductor, Andrea's style is commanding, dramatic, and unforgettable.  He has conducted some of the most acclaimed orchestras around the world and is dedicated to continually refining his conducting techniques.  To view video highlights of Andrea's conducting career, click here.

New Inspirations

Andrea's dedication to his music and his passion for musical innovation are legendary.  In December 2013, he conducted all new compositions in Concerto di Natale (Christmas Concert) in Rome, Italy.  In April of 2014 he took to the stage again for A Spring Evening Concert - USA Premier in Santa Monica, California that officially launched what is expected to be the first in a series of U.S. concerts showcasing his groundbreaking compositions and inimitable conducting style.

His sincere desire to share and support the universal power of music is evident most recently in his decision to join EMMA for Peace (Euro Mediterranean Music Academy),  an international, non-profit organization of world-class musicians, universities, institutions and philanthropic foundations dedicated to global music, education and cultural diplomacy in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.  He is also a longtime member of IRTEM, the Italian National Institute for Musical Theater. When asked about what lies ahead, he is exuberant.

I feel like a very strong, strong river . . .that does not find any obstacles.
— Andrea Morricone

So, with a dazzling collection of evocative, new arrangements and several exclusive creative projects in development, it seems that this maestro is heading straight into the limelight.

Select Career Highlights

  • Composed the score for world conference EXPO 2015 Milano theme song "La Forza Del Sorriso," with lyrics by Andrea Bocelli. 
  • Conducted at CONI 100 Years celebration 2014 with performance by Andrea Bocelli in Rome, Italy.
  • Conducted the AMOR Symphonic Orchestra with all new compositions with soprano and tenor at A Spring Concert - USA Premier 2014 in Santa Monica, California.
  • Conducted the ROMA Sinfonietta Orchestra with all new compositions with soprano and tenor at the Concerto di Natale 2013 in Rome, Italy. 
  • Conducted "Omaggio" and dedicated it to his father Ennio in honor of his 80th birthday at a concert held at the University of Sapienza in Rome, Italy, November 2008.
  • Composed two operatic pieces and conducted both at the 2008 Camerrata de' Bardi (est. 1573), a Florentine gathering with performances by distinguished influencers selected to guide innovation in the arts.
  • Joined by Yo-Yo Ma, conducted the USC Thornton Chamber Orchestra in Los Angeles, CA. 
  • Compositions performed by noted pop artists including Sting and Ami Stewart.
  • Received Artist Award at "Apoxiomeno 2014" for accomplishments and contributions to field of music.
  • Received Award of Excellence from the City of Recanati for accomplishments and contributions to field of music. 
  • Received the Globo d'Oro (Golden Globe), Best Original Score for L'Industriale (The Entrepreneur) a film by G. Montaldo. (2012)
  • Received the Globo d'Oro (Golden Globe), Best Music for Raul: Diritto di Uccidere (Raul: Right to Kill) a film by A. Bolognini. (2005)
  • Received BIFEST "Ennio Morricone Prize" at International Film Festival in Bari, Italy.
  • Received the BAFTA award for "Tema d'Amore" (Love Theme) for Cinema Paradiso, film by Giuseppe Tornatore that won Best Foreign Film. (1990)