In The Presence of A Maestro.

The Art of Conducting

Andrea Morricone embodies the sublime art of conducting . . . dramatic, fanciful with the passion of a true maestro. While still at the Conservatory, he was able to build his approach to orchestra and was fortunate to frequently be invited outside of Europe to conduct.  

The art of conducting implies a communion of interests between player and listener, in the presence of the element of magic and of the unrepeatable.
— Andrea Morricone

Andrea views the art of conducting from a composing background or point of view.  As a matter of fact, he sees these two activities as going very well together. 

These two activities go very well together in the sense that while conducting, I am also composing - and while composing, I am also conducting. While composing, I also try to conduct . . to understand what my performance is going to need to make sense. On the other hand, when I am conducting, I am also composing . . . trying to bring out to the attention of the audience the deepest truth of my score and its value, in terms of dynamics, pace, and the agogic peculiarity of each line.
— Andrea Morricone

The videos in this section capture the interesting evolution of Andrea's conducting style.  He has, throughout his career, conducted some of the world's most renown orchestras, including the Simón Bolívar Youth Symphony & Choir in Caracas, Venezuela.  To view select performances, click here.

Select Orchestras Conducted

  • A.M.IT Orchestra
    Rome, Italy
  • AMOR Symphonic Orchestra
    Santa Monica, California 
  • Bilbao Symphony Orchestra
    Bilbao, Spain 
  • F. Fenaroli Youth Int'l. Symphony Orchestra
    Lanciano, Italy
  • Int'l. Orch. of Italy "Guido Cantelli"
    Milan, Italy
  • Orch. & Choir of the Budapest Opera
    Budapest, Hungary
  • Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra
    Rome, Italy


  • Santa Cecilia Symphony Orchestra
    Rome, Italy
  • Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra
    Caracas, Venezuela
  • Symphony Orchestra of Sofia
    Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Szeged Symphony Orchestra
    Budapest, Hungary 
  • The Czech Nat'l. Symphony Orch.
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • The USC Thorton Chamber Orchestra
    Los Angeles, California

Conducting Highlights

  • Joined by Andrea Bocelli, conducted at the CONI 100 Years Celebration for RAI, Italian National Television in Rome, Italy.
  • Joined by Yo-Yo Ma, conducted the USC Thornton Chamber Orchestra in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Conducted the Simón Bolívar Youth Symphony Orchestra in Caracas, Venezuela.