Evolutionary Pursuits & Projects In Development.

Exploration & Experimentation

Unbridled exploration and experimentation dominate Andrea's current creative projects as composer and conductor.  These days he could as easily be found in the recording studio conducting rock arrangements, as on the classical stage conducting a symphonic orchestra.  Both of course, with his customary finesse. Although a classicist for the majority of his career,  Andrea has found himself the past few years, in the name of innovation (and a worthwhile challenge)  pursuing new directions . . . pushing the boundaries and revolutionizing the rules of his music writing. And he has in recent years spent much time with the idea of vocals. No doubt this transformation of approach to his music is reflected significantly in the music itself as well as in the types of creative projects he embraces.  Currently he devotes as much time as possible to composing music in these new genres - and thus far the compositions have been no less than remarkable. 

Exploring a New Genre - Crossover

It was quite natural for Andrea to bring in the choir in his music writing for voice in a classical, lyrical style.  He has always been in love with the idea of writing big themes.  But only in the past couple of years he has seriously contemplated the genre of crossover.  "Crossover," he says, "has the structure of a contemporary "American" song, with, in  the chorus, the use of lots of orchestral percussions and electronic loops to create a big sound,  fostering an already very powerful orchestration.  This of course doesn't mean that these pieces have to be a sounding forte all the way through.   As long as it happens in every piece of music, it is a very important goal for me to plan in these compositions, such as in all compositions, places or sections where the general effect is going to be piano. This piano (dynamic) is the result of the way in which the score is specifically written."

With Crossover, Andrea also finds it important to create a new environment in which a voice can sing a big theme.  Beginning with the idea of a tenor or soprano that could reach a peak without too much vibrato, he accomplishes this by composing melodies that are not pushing too high. Following his inspiration he has found a new way, a new sound for melodies, a style that he finds very powerful. He also incorporates a generous use of synthesizers, which is key. Though a newer genre for Andrea, it is of note that a new piece from this genre was quickly selected as the theme song for EXPO 2015 Milano, a world conference with lyrics added by celebrity recording artist Andrea Bocelli, "La Forza Del Sorriso."  To hear Andrea's most recent Crossover sample tracks, click here.

My crossover music is pushing always to somewhere. The key elements are the presence of memorable themes, the importance that I give to the harmony. . . plenty of layers related to the usage of contrapointing lines. And, finally, the incorporation of synthesizer and loops, which keep the music constantly pushing forward, eliciting the maximum from the orchestra. It is evocative, easily diving into the 20th century to the deepest level.
— Andrea Morricone

New Musical Targets - Rock

Andrea says that his music is "never static."  Neither are his musical targets and aspirations. Consider the genre of rock music, one which most classical composers would leave to the Springsteen's of the world.  But not Andrea.  In his first venture into the genre he composed "Hallow Man" a gutsy song with lyrics by Paola Lorenzi, a new collaborator who seems to, with ease, lyrically complement the new Morricone music. To listen to Andrea's latest Rock sample tracks, click here.

A New Adventure - Pop

Producing and arranging POP songs is a wonderful aspect of Andrea's new musical direction and a category that brings him deep satisfaction. Interesting to note that his category is totally different than "rock" music in his approach.  Here he begins not with a theme, but with chords progression - a highly original approach.  To listen to Andrea's latest Pop sample tracks, click here.

Concerts & Special Engagements

The past two years have been filled with concerts and new performance opportunities.  Slated for November 2014 is a concert  at the Warner Grand in Los Angeles, California, a prime new venue for the performing arts.

In addition, between now and then, several key US cities have extended invitations for both public and private performances. To see where Andrea will be performing next click here.