Andrea has worked with supremely talented artists, musicians, singers, and yes, maestros, in every corner of the musical world.  Each performance and encounter has served an elegant purpose and working with Andrea has often left an indelible impression on many along the way. Below, in the words of a few of those renowned professionals that have shared the stage with him, from Bocelli to Boyd, you will find what they have to say about the Andrea experience.


Like father like son . . . Andrea Morricone stands up to the height of the family name. It is delightful for the soul and for the senses, to find again that paternal proof, made of the perfect balance between poetry and expertise, in the composition style, although deeply characteristic of Andrea. Like every son that in reaching maturity, affectionately, glimpses in the lines on his face traces of the father’s profile, similarly Andrea’s music, always gives new emotions without denying that mark that has forged him in arts and in life.
— Andrea Bocelli, Italian Tenor, Singer, Songwriter

Andrea Morricone’s new ‘Adagio’ for solo cello and strings is a truly passionate creation from an undeniably passionate composer. It is beautifully written for the instrument, and this allows the player the freedom to sing from the heart. The soaring melodies are supported by the upper strings, who provide a lush texture around the solo line. There are many magical moments in this intense, melancholy work.
— Andrew Shulman, Professor of Violoncello, USC & Principal Violoncello, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Andrea Morricone encompasses at their best all the qualities that I most appreciate in an artist: intelligence, courage, poetry, passion. His compositions for piano and strings, which I had the pleasure and the honor to perform, united an extraordinary creative freshness and ability to wisely conjugate classicism and modernity with his extraordinary ability in conducting the orchestra. Always researching new musical languages, without boundaries or limitations, he is fully aware of his own expressive and communicative means. Andrea Morricone is a rock soul, an inexhaustible source of energy, ideas and continuous evolution.
— Isabella Turso, Pianist

I had the pleasure to meet Andrea through a good friend of mine, composer Lior Rosner. Andrea wrote a solo violin and orchestra piece for me in one day and we recorded it here in Los Angeles. The piece was so beautifully written for the violin with soaring melody and interesting harmony and contra melody for the orchestra. We also recorded a cello and oboe pieces in the same session and Andrea’s talent was so highly represented in all of the three including his commanding conducting. I hope we will get to perform his music soon in concerts.
— Katia Popov, Concertmaster Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

I wish to thank Maestro Andrea Morricone for allowing me to perform as a solo and as first violin his extraordinary compositions. His music has the power to penetrate the mind, the soul, the body, in an explosive and intense mélange of emotions. His humanity and generosity in life are so clearly transposed in his scores. A great musician and a friend.
— Prisca Amori, Classical Artist

I had the opportunity to follow and appreciate Andrea Morricone’s music since his young debut. Andrea wrote for me pieces of great emotional intensity that also presented the possibility to be sung. I consider Andrea the heir of the great Italian tradition, that one internationally known as a synonym of, canto, melody, sentiment and expressivity. II also had the pleasure of being conducted by him thus noticing the same characteristics. Nothing for him is assumed. He places the accent on the emotional aspect and on the lyricism, main language to be transmitted to those recipients of good music. Andrea is fully entitled to represent our most beautiful tradition and at the same time he imposes new roads.
— Roberto Fabbriciani, Italian Flautist

The profound presence of Maestro Andrea Morricone as Conductor, instantly inspires and empowers the orchestra to unprecedented infinite heights of musical artistry. With his indelible style, technique, and vision, he paints a canvas of sound and colors that absolutely captivate both orchestra and audience! And , just as with his iconic compositions, Conductor Andrea Morricone gives all in attendance, a musical experience that is totally memorable, totally magical, totally - Morricone.
— Salpy Kerkonian, Flautist

Maestro Morricone creates an aura of passion, with a power and intensity that envelopes the orchestra and inspires each and every one of his musicians to rise to their highest level of artistry. This in return creates an environment that is both healthy and functional music-making, and at the same time, elicits the very best from each one of us. We yearn to feel what Andrea is feeling, since he both wrote and conducted this gorgeous piece. Recording “A Hymn to Faith” was one of the highlights of my musical career. He brought out a part of me that I didn’t really know existed. What a magical moment in my life. Thank you Andrea Morricone. With only love and respect.
— Tom Boyd, Oboist

Translations for quotes by A. Bocelli, I. Turso and R. Fabbriciani courtesy of  Dr. Paola Lorenzi.